“We help you bring your people back home safely”

The Project

Protection of human lives is the key and the main idea for the development of
Evacuation & Repatriation Management Platform

Evacuation & Repatriation Management Platform” (EMP) aims to offer an on-line platform, for cross-border evacuation and repatriation management, enabling crisis centers to secure the timely and safe repatriation of civilians in time of emergencies.

Natural disasters, political unrest, violent conflicts or health diseases can trigger an emergency evacuation or repatriation of civilians abroad to their home country. The platform offers functionalities that will optimize the coordination and maximize the utilization of all available means of transportation needed for the operation and enable sending direct notifications to affected civilians.

EMP aims also to improve collaborative response, planning and training between Governments (Ministries, Embassies, Consulates), NGOs, commercial transportation providers and travel agencies, having to conduct evacuation [non-combatant evacuation operations (NEO)] and/or repatriation missions

The project addresses the lack of on-line training capabilities and insufficient links between national, international or regional authorities when it comes to cross-border, multi-national evacuation, relocation and repatriation management.

Based on the responsibility of “duty of care” we are creating this innovative and unique platform that will enable responsible authorities, organizations or businesses to better train, prepare and collaborate together, so their personnel will be better prepared to act effectively and efficiently to bring their people back home safely.



Be part of the Evolution

Train, Prepare, Collaborate

  • Train and prepare before a crisis strike
  • Establish a shared framework for collaboration
  • Global and Country-level overview of the situation
  • Identify capacity gaps and training requirements
  • Accountability throughout the evacuation process
  • Easy coordination among participating actors
Join us and improve the way you train, prepare and collaborate to evacuate civilians from crisis areas worldwide.

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