The facts

Our world is now more connected than ever. People are “moving” around the world, for different reasons and they are exposed to different kinds of “dangers” when abroad.

The total number of international expatriates is 244 million – now constituting 3.3 percent of the world’s population, while tourist arrivals have increased to 1.4 billion per year.

Protecting people overseas

Expats as a vulnerable and dislocated population are particularly exposed to risks abroad, including natural disasters, political unrest and violent conflicts in their host country or region.

In such emergency situations, Governments and organizations must act swiftly and decisively to protect the lives of civilians, by evacuating them from the crisis area and transfer them safely back home.

The Solution

EMP is a secure, multi-user, web-based platform that supports the evacuation, relocation or repatriation of civilians during emergency situations and can be used as a standalone but also as a multi-entity collaborative platform motivating all Nations and other parties to cooperate.

SAAS service

The platform will be offered as a SaaS service that requires no installation. The server for data storage can be hosted on the cloud or on-premises, based on the user’s preferences and the way the users would like to operate.

Train, Prepare, Collaborate

Whether you’re planning an event, executing an exercise, or responding to a crisis , Evacuation Management Platform provides the tools and offers functionalities to meet your needs.

Contact Ancile Technologies and discover how your Government or Organization can benefit and improve its capacity to conduct trainings and evacuation operations, ensuring the safety and security of civilians abroad.