Our Solution

Evacuation & Repatriation Management Platform

a secure, multi-user, web-based solution
for cross-border Evacuation & Repatriation management

The Problem

In times of emergency, people living overseas must be Evacuated from crisis areas and Repatriated at their home country. Governments or Organizations need to better train, prepare and collaborate in order to successfully conduct such challenging operations.

Current Methods

At present, software available in the market don’t provide solutions to effectively manage cross border multi-national evacuations or repatriations. Traditional methods used during exercises and even real operations are out-dated and not practical, increasing response time and complexity.

The Solution

The solution we propose is innovative and unique, as there is no similar software worldwide and it serves humanitarian and social purposes.

Most important, it is a significant contribution into minimizing the loss of human lives at a global level and at the same time ensuring peoples safety and security.


Ensure the safety and security of people abroad

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Response

The main objective of the Evacuation & Repatriation Management Platform is to establish a centralized shared framework of collaboration and coordination, providing a variety of features for communication, transportation management and real-time situational awareness.

Full scale simulation tool

The second objective is to be used as a full-scale simulation tool for training purposes, improving the ability and performance of personnel to use the software, enhancing their capacity to conduct exercises and real operations.


Access to the system ensures efficient coordination among local, national and international agencies


1. Ministries
2. Emergency Services
3. Civil Defence
4. Military
5. Consular and Military staff


1. Non-Governmental (NGOs)
2. Humanitarian/Disaster Response
3. Civil-Military


1. Transportation providers (Air, Maritime, Land)
2. Travel agencies
3. Security-Medical extraction companies
4. Hospitality providers

How it works

Simple and Easy. With no need of installation, log-in and start using the platform

Create a Mission

Upon a crisis, create a mission specifying the crisis area, the temporary safe location and places of safety.

Upload your data

Upload or import from other systems, civilian's information and transportation assets, creating a database with all relevant data.


Notify and direct groups of civilians from assembling points to embarkation sites, organizing the sequence and prioritization of embarkation, handling the passenger manifests.


Utilize all partners' available resources, including pooling and sharing and even outsourcing transportation assets, communicate and send notifications, to manage the operation efficiently and effectively.


EMP will be hosted on the cloud and as such, benefits robustness, resilience, redundancy and security, built into the cloud by the provider.

EMP can be accessed from any device having internet connection and a web browser installed. In case of internet connection loss it will synchronize the data.


EMP maintains a database with civilian’s relevant information, or just total numbers of evacuees and all available transportation assets, providing information on their location & status.

Users can create and share transportation plans to evacuate their civilians, collaborating with other Nations or agencies and at the same time exploiting all available transports.

Live communication between participants and imprinting the information on a map, establishes a common operational picture (COP)


EMP is based on a simple, intuitive interface to use and learn. It has been designed by a user for a user, based on experience and practice.

As a web application it can be accessible from any device using an internet browser. No need for installation.

EMP can be used together with National systems. Either import data from other national system or export data to national system, thus enabling exchange of information.

Key Features

  • Provide multi-National/Entity coordination and collaboration
  • Create integrated transportation plans
  • Offer data security and keep confidential information safe
  • Have a centralized venue for data processing and sharing
  • Be practical, realistic, process-driven and easy to implement
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Minimize training and operational costs
  • Easily upgrade and add more functionalities

Basic Functionalities

Multiple Missions

Assets and Evacuees Database

Evacuation Status


Transportation Plans


Manifests & Reports

Tasks & Notifications


Your opinion matters

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